Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Cosmic Anthropology


  1. To instill a renewed consciousness of person in relation to the total environment, a cosmic consciousness leading to a creation-centered spirituality towards sustainable development;
  2. To draw out new paradigms for understanding physical, human, social and spiritual realities;
  3. To stimulate through an interdisciplinary program of study a creative search in developing approaches for transformative value processes rooted in one’s socio-cultural heritage for effective participation in a world culture of justice, peace, and integrity of creation.

Course Curriculum:

Subject Cluster Course No. Subjects Units
Creation Spirituality ACA 061 Introduction To Creation Spirituality 3
ACA 062 Asian Values And Creation Spirituality 3
ACA 063 Spiritual Expressions Of Cosmic Consciousness 3
Social Basis Of People’s Drives ACA 071 Structural Patterns Of Human Consciousness 3
ACA 072 Language And Socio-Cultural Transformation 3
ACA 073 Mythology, The Basis Of Institutional Dynamics 3
ACA 074 Semiotics And Communication Of Change Processes 3
Basis For People’s Biosphere ACA 081 Critical Issues Related To Sustainable Development 3
ACA 082 Mediated Economics (The Monetary Cultural System) In Developing Countries 3
ACA 083 The Significance Of The Informal Sector 3
ACA 084 Cooperativism And Sustainable Development 3
Directing Institutions And Movements Towards A Dignified Life For All ACA 091
PARTS 1 & 2
Accompanying People’s Movements Towards Socio-Cultural Transformation 6
ACA 092 Harmonizing Technology And Ecological Concerns 3
Qualitative Approaches To Research And Theory-Building ACA 101 Theory Of Integrating Science, Psycho-Philosophical, Religio-Mystical Approaches 3
Practicum 3
Dissertation 15
Total Number Of Units 63