An Asian Graduate School with a Difference

Our Guiding Principles


An Asian graduate school of social transformative praxis towards justice, peace and integrity of creation.

  • We commit ourselves to the following mission elements:
  • Christian in inspiration
  • Ecumenical and interfaith in reality assessment, action, reflection and celebration
  • Asian in character
  • Global and cosmic in perspective
  • Grassroots in orientation Interdisciplinary in approach
  • Culturally and experientially grounded
  • Humane, liberating and creative in process
  • To form Asian leaders on all levels for personal and social transformation.
  • To develop in the students and the staff their capacity to theorize from experience.
  • Come up with transformative ideas with practical applications for facilitators of social change.
  • To document prototypes of people empowerment of ASI action arms and ASI’s networks.
  • To communicate in publications, video productions, and through fora transformative ideas to policy-makers, implementors and other publics;
  • To organize networking among ASI graduates and associations on all levels.

The ASI Logo

To convey the interrelationship of dynamic life-forces in the community within a positive continuum of peace and justice — this is what ASI hopes to project through its logo. The sun, with its luminous rays, stands for justice, the life-force that energizes all that it touches. ASI is for the promotion of life, and this can only be realized through the attainment of what is honest, moral, and free. The laurel leaves symbolize the integrity of creation, the wellspring from which all forms of life emerge. ASI creates and renews these life forms so that they may participate and live life to the full. The dove represents peace and its liberating and creative power. From ASI radiates light and warmth, giving off a sense of well-being for the achievement of productive endeavors.

These symbols are bounded by a circle to signify the vitality and ever-changing dimensions of life and the universe. Through all these, ASI hopes to put across the message of birth and renewal of life-giving social structures so that everyone may have access to life and to live it to their fullest potential.