An Asian Graduate School with a Difference

ASI Hostel

The Francis Senden Student Center or ASI hostel, a five-story building was built in 1995.  It has 53 single fan rooms and nine (9) air-conditioned rooms.  In each floor there is a lounge area where students can watch television and socialized with other students or people.

In each floor also students can use facilities like the water dispenser for their hot and cold water, a place where they can iron their clothes, a place where they can socialize or study their lessons.  In the middle of the second, third and fourth floors is an area where they can have a venue for their study too when they wanted to have a new place to study aside from their rooms within the hostel building.

Each floor has separate bathrooms and toilets for male and female, with many cubicles to accommodate many users at a time.  At the fifth floor of this building is a washing and drying area where students can wash and dry their clothes.  It also serves as an alternative area for study as well as gathering area for celebrations, meetings or other activities of the hostel that needs bigger space to accommodate many people.  In addition, this is also where the kitchen is located where the students of ASI can cook their delicacies.

Also, this is the place where they can share their meals with other students from different countries.  Everyday is a festivity of different menus being prepared by the different Asian students in the hostel.

The ASI hostel serves as a place like home for the students in ASI particularly for those who come from foreign countries and from the provinces of the Philippines.  It also serves as a melting pot of the different diverse culture of the students from different countries particularly from Asia.  The students from Asian countries and other parts of the world, from the Philippines and other transients are exposed to the different cultures that are interplaying in this hostel.

Room with Electric Fan Daily Monthly


PhP 350 PhP 6,000


PhP 450 PhP 8,000
Room with Airconditioner (Private T&B) Daily Monthly


PhP 600 PhP 9,500


PhP 850 PhP 10,800


PhP 1,125 PhP 12,000


PhP 1,400 PhP 12,800
Dormitory with Electric Fan Daily Monthly

For Men (8 pax)

PhP 175 PhP 2,750

For Women (8 pax)

PhP 175 PhP 2,750