An Asian Graduate School with a Difference

An Asian Graduate School

with a Difference

Asian in character,

Grassroots in orientation,

Global and cosmic in perspective.

Christian in inspiration;

Ecumenical and Interfaith in reality assessment,

action, reflection and celebration

Interdisciplinary in Approach,

Culturally and experientially grounded,

Humane, Creative and Liberating in process.

"Build Campfires of Hope for the Country and the World towards Integrity of Creation, Justice and Peace ."

International Diploma Course in Community Development

May 7 – June 28, 2024

This course is designed for social development practitioners, community extension managers, trainers, project administrators, supervisors, and individuals interested in community development.

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Deadline for submission of application is extended up to: April 25, 2024

For inquiries and applications, contact:

Dr. Elsa H. Ruiz (Chair, IDCCD)

+632-8523-8265 | +632-8523-3483 |


“Our richness is our love…

made genuine whenever we forget ourselves to give from our poverty to serve the poor…

We humbly beseech you, O God to become incarnate in us,

to give us more love for the poor, more love for our country, more peace in ranks!”


A Distinguished Woman Educator

A Feature on the ASI President published on Facebook

Source: “Humans of Pinas” asked the ASI President’s Executive Secretary to make a write-up of some distinguished Pinays. This was published in the ASI Facebook on March 28, 2021

One of the areas that women have excelled in the Philippines is education. Dr. Mina Ramirez is one rare gem excelling in this field. Dr. Mina Ramirez is the female successor of Rev. Fr. Francis Senden, cicm, PhD, founder of the Asian Social Institute (ASI), after his death in 1973.

Introducing Dr. Mina Ramirez in one of her public lectures, Dr. Sixto K. Roxas who is known as an advocate of Eco-System Based Sustainable Organizing and Management (ECSOM), stressed the point that the story of ASI is the story of Mina:


The Asian Social Institute’s Board of Trustees are the highest policy making body of ASI:


The history of the Asian Social Institute from its foundation in 1963 up to the present.


A collection of ASI videos



An Asian Social Science Graduate School for Transformative Praxis towards Integrity of Creation, Justice and Peace (ICJP)


We, the ASI Community (BOT, Administrators, Faculty Students, Graduates and Associates and Circles and Networks of Friends) commit ourselves to the following Mission Elements:

  • Christian in inspiration;
  • Ecumenical and Interfaith in reality assessment, action, reflection and celebration;
  • Grassroots in orientation
  • Asian in character
  • Global and Cosmic in Perspective
  • Interdisciplinary in Approach
  • Culturally and experientially grounded
  • Humane, Creative and Liberating in process.


  • To give access to students of modest means but with talent and leadership potential to take up graduate studies;
  • To facilitate the self-empowerment of grassroots leaders, families and communities;
  • To make ASI a converging place for leaders of diverse backgrounds (cultural, religious and national affiliation, race, gender, and levels of education ) to reflect on the implementation of human rights and corresponding responsibilities;
  • To heighten the consciousness of people to existential realities as a take-off point for action and advocacy;
  • To fully implement its long-term programs of Co-Creating Bio-Regional Communities;
  • To facilitate the establishment of Basic Ecclesial Community Cultures in various dioceses in the Philippines;
  • To develop doing research from an existential phenomenological perspective.
  • To develop an integral ecological life-style through education and the nurturance of creation or socially engaged eco-spirituality. Through learning modalities, both face-to-face encounters and virtual on-line teaching and learning system, to instil the values of common good, social justice, principle of subsidiarity, richness of differentiation, solidarity and communion.
  • To instil the human spirit in digital modalities of encounter and thus contribute to human flourishing.