OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

OPAC is an automated / computerized version of traditional card catalog where the information of the library materials or books is recorded. This is used to easily search on the materials available in the library.

Library Orientation

This service is conducted to freshmen and transferee students every first term of the school year to explain the mechanics in using the library and library’s resources. This service is also accompanied with library tour to familiarize the students in library’s facilities and sections.

Current Awareness Service

This service offers information on the latest developments and acquisitions of the library.


Viewing Room

This service is for enrolled students who request to use the room for viewing audiovisual materials. Reservations should be made 3 days before the actual date and time of use. Reservation form is available at the librarian’s counter.

Photocopying Service

This service is available inside the library. Theses and dissertations are not allowed to be photocopied.


Referral Service

This service is for students who wish to research to other institution. The student may secure referral letter from the librarian in charge and must provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Date of visit
  • Name of school/institution
  • Place to visit
  • Course