• Visiting Alumni should present Alumni ID before using the library facilities.
  • Charging of laptop is not allowed.

Thesis / Dissertation writers who are not enrolled

  • Thesis/Dissertation writers who wish to use the library should refer to the librarian in charge and ask for details. This applies only to ASI students who are continuing their thesis/dissertation writing.

Students/Private and Government researchers

  • Researchers from outside institutions should present a referral letter from the Librarian of the school (for students) or letter of intention from Head or Supervisor (for employees or non-students) stating the reason for visiting the library.
  • ID should be presented together with the letter.
  • A fee of Php 80.00 is charged per visit.
  • Charging of laptop is not allowed.
  • Library will accommodate five (5) researchers per day.
  • The library will accept visiting researchers only on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

General rules:

  • Library cards should be presented by the owner before borrowing and returning books.
  • Only officially enrolled students, faculty members and staffs can borrow books.
  • Two weeks before the end of term, all library resources are for Room use only.

For Students

  • A student may borrow a maximum of three (3) books at a time for (3) days.

For Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty may borrow a minimum of five (5) books for two (2) weeks and renewable for another (2) weeks if needed.
  • For Faculty members to qualify to borrow again, it is necessary to return the books on or before the due date. The number of books returned will determine the number of books that may be borrowed next.

Renewal of Books

  • Books to be renewed must be surrendered on time. Failure to surrender books on its due date means forfeiture of the chance to renew them.
  • Renewal of books is allowed (3) times only but if there is a demand for the book, this will be considered.

Penalty and Sanction

  • A fine of Php 5.00 per day will be charged if the book is not returned on or before the due date. Sundays and Mondays are included.
  • Books/reading materials declared lost by the borrower shall be replaced with books recommended by the librarian. The price of the lost book may be paid by the borrower.

Conduct Guidelines

  • The library maintains the atmosphere of study and professionalism; all students, staff, and library users are enjoined to participate in atmosphere by engaging only in activities proper to a library. In case of necessity, permission shall be asked from the librarian to conduct consultation, group discussion so that the proper arrangement shall be made to accommodate the request.
  • Only students, staff, faculty bearing his/her own library cards are allowed to check-out books and other reading materials. Making use of library card that belongs to another students, staff and faculty is not allowed.
  • Only things for research like laptop, ball pen, paper, and personal belongings such as wallet and cellphones shall be brought inside the reading area. Bags, envelops, folders, laptop bag, suitcases and other luggage shall be surrendered to the library clerk in the charging desk for deposit in designated stacking shelves.
  • ID should be worn when entering the library.
  • User should abide the following rules :
    • No Eating and drinking
    • No Littering
    • No Sleeping
    • Refrain from loud use of mobile phones, music player and radios that could disturb other library users.
    • Avoid excessive loud conversation with another library user.
    • No vandalizing in the library facilities and library materials.
    • No mutilation of books and other library materials.
    • Silence is expected at all times.

For Students:

  • Once the clearance is signed by the librarian, users will not be permitted to borrow books. However, use of library facilities is still allowed.
  • Library cards should be surrendered to the librarian when signing for clearance every end of term.

For Faculty and Staff:

  • In case of resignation of a faculty member or staff, any library obligation in the library should be cleared first before the librarian signs the clearance form.