Discipline and Order

Conduct Guidelines

  • The library maintains the atmosphere of study and professionalism; all students, staff, and library users are enjoined to participate in atmosphere by engaging only in activities proper to a library. In case of necessity, permission shall be asked from the librarian to conduct consultation, group discussion so that the proper arrangement shall be made to accommodate the request.
  • Only students, staff, faculty bearing his/her own library cards are allowed to check-out books and other reading materials. Making use of library card that belongs to another students, staff and faculty is not allowed.
  • Only things for research like laptop, ball pen, paper, and personal belongings such as wallet and cellphones shall be brought inside the reading area. Bags, envelops, folders, laptop bag, suitcases and other luggage shall be surrendered to the library clerk in the charging desk for deposit in designated stacking shelves.
  • ID should be worn when entering the library.
  • User should abide the following rules :
    • No Eating and drinking
    • No Littering
    • No Sleeping
    • Refrain from loud use of mobile phones, music player and radios that could disturb other library users.
    • Avoid excessive loud conversation with another library user.
    • No vandalizing in the library facilities and library materials.
    • No mutilation of books and other library materials.
    • Silence is expected at all times.