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Dr. Ramirez welcomes and orients the audience about the ASI Solidarity Fund.Dr. Ramirez welcomes and orients the audience about the ASI Solidarity Fund

ASI launched the first-ever Solidarity Fund Mission Campaign on July 11, 2017. The launch was initiated by no less than the incumbent president, Dr. Mina M. Ramirez, who, incidentally, is the first alumna of ASI.  The President welcomed and oriented the audience about the significance of the project that is being launched in this 55th (Sapphire) Anniversary of ASI’s Foundation, saying that the initiative is being done to  improving our services to graduate and post graduate students, most of whom have been granted scholarships through ASI from our social development partners from Europe and Japan so that Asian students especially from emerging democracies will have the opportunity to take up graduate and/or post graduate education and be formed mind, heart, body and spirit as social development facilitators, committed to sustainable development -  promotion of  equity in  life chances especially for the materially poor and the most vulnerable groups.

The launch was attended by ASI staff-members, some alumni and students presently enrolled, mostly from Asian countries – Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and including the Philippines.

 Members of the ASI-Board of Trustees:  Dr. Patricia Sison, Mrs. Marieta Goco, Mrs. Carmen Cabato and Ms. Elisa P. BuenaventuraASI is pleased with the much-appreciated presence of some board members to the event – Dr. Patricia Sison (an ASI alumna); Mrs. Marieta P. Goco (former governor of Pangasinan); and, Mrs. Carmen M. Cabato (former Vice-President of Social Development and ASI alumna).   His Excellency, Most Rev. Broderick S. Pabillo, DD (Chair of ASI’s Board of Trustees) could not make it to the launch due to an earlier appointment.  However, his presence was felt when the ASI President read the content of his email which congratulated ASI for the initiative and informing that he would be sending his contribution.  He sent his appointment secretary at 6:00 a.m. to hand in, his generous contribution.

Noted ASI Alumni who generously offered their cash gifts were Dr. Leo Gonzales, an alumnus from the early years of ASI, Dr. Finina Arcilla, whose doctoral dissertation has been published and used for counseling purposes, Ms. Corazon Katigbak, a former Human Resource Development Head in ASI.  They all inspired the ASI family with their presence.  Some ASI staff made their pledges to send in their contributions to the Solidarity Mission Fund.

ASI is likewise delighted with the presence of Councilor Bernie Ang (also an ASI alumnus of Master of Science in Sociology with specialization in Transformational Politics) who sponsored the lunch during the launch.

Dr. Leo Gonzales (in group), Dr. Finina Arcilla (center) and Ms. Cora Katigbak (far right)Dr. Leo Gonzales (in group), Dr. Finina Arcilla (center) and Ms. Cora Katigbak (far right)

The ASI web designer, was available for the demonstration on the payment through PayPal.  She also mentioned about the advantages of using PayPal to send donations, to wit: (1) Costs are minimal; (2) Credit card transactions are secure and safe because it is encrypted, fraud-screened (card verified) for free.  The reputation of PayPal as secure and safe will make customers feel more comfortable sending or paying through from the web; and (3) Convenient to use.  Alumni or donors can send donation within seconds and they can send anytime, anywhere.

After lunch, a little entertainment was provided by the foreign students from the countries mentioned above.  Dubbed “ASI’s Got Talent,” the foreign students wowed the audience with a showcase of their songs and dances.  Buddhist monks offered their prayers for the affairs’ special intention of organized compassionate care for the vulnerable sectors of society.  The entertainment portion was hosted by Dul Vanny, Cambodian student and President of the Foreign Student Organization (FSO) and Ms. Phu, a Vietnamese social work student.

From L-R:  Myanmar, Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese students performingFrom L-R:  Myanmar, Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese students performing

Priests and nuns performing a local Indonesian dance led by an Indonesian student-priestPriests and nuns performing a local Indonesian dance led by an Indonesian student-priest

In sum, the milestone event was a success.  The initial amount gathered from the launch is about PhP200K.  Rest assured that your contributions will help keep ASI moving and doing its mission.  Your support is welcome.

We would like to express our profound gratitude to all who participated in this initiative.  Let us all strive to make a difference and leave a legacy to improve the world through the ASI mission. Together, we can strengthen our mission and further its impact in Asia and elsewhere.


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