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Members of ASI-FSO Attend Peace Pole Planting & Flag Ceremony

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Foreign students from various Asian countries taking up graduate studies at the Asian Social Institute (ASI) graced the invitation of Dr. Genevieve Kupang, an ASI alumna working for St. Paul College-Pasig, to attend the ceremony for “Peace Pole Planting  and Flag Ceremony” in November 2015.

One important quote that capture the event and has bearing on everyone:  "We are one but we are different. We are different but we are one." Diversity is not our problem; the main problem is we have no tolerance for others. Don’t hate others if we don’t understand them. If we are willing to ACCEPT, RESPECT & APPRECIATE diversity, the real peace will be with us. We need fairness and tolerance not discrimination. We need love and peace not war.  
“It is not enough to win the war; it is more important to organize the peace”—Aristotle.






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