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Launching & Blessing of the Beautiful Library in Victory, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

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November 23, 2015 was a red letter day for the inauguration of the exposure site of participants of the International Diploma Course for Community Development (IDCCD) from Manila in Brgy. Victory, Bolinao, Pangasinan. To reach there from Manila is like going to the ‘ends of the earth,’ 12 hours of travelling by private vehicle.  However, ASI, through its Social Development Department under the leadership of Prof. Dennis Batoy has demonstrated its gratitude to the community by facilitating the approval of a library project for Victory Elementary School. The gift worth US$42,000 was used to construct a library building, books and ten computers for the Victory Elementary School, Victory, Bolinao, Pangasinan.  The Mayor of the Municipality of Victory Island, Mayor Clemente, was asked to be the co-sponsor.

With the young officers – Ms. Seol Jiye and Ms. Jung Siena of Beautiful Store Foundation and Mr. Jung Yonghyun and Mr. Lee Changmin of Singles Korea Magazine – present, the library project was inaugurated.  Participating in the Launching of the Library were officials from the local government in the persons of the Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Barrio Captain and his Councillors, Administrators and Teachers of the school, 224 pupils and students of seven public schools and their parents (who each contributed for a month one peso a day) as contribution for the meaningful event and principals and teachers of neighbouring barangays to which the school would like to extend its library services.  The blessing was officiated by Fr. Raul, the parish priest of Victory Island.  He was a former outreach graduate student of ASI.  True to his orientation in ASI, he emphasized that the library is also a communication center.

It is to be noted that the design and the actual construction of the building was undertaken by Mr. Christopher Funes, the ASI Coordinator of a program called, Co-Creating Sustainable Bio-Regional Communities (CSBCom), being piloted in Rizal.  To help him in the construction of the library building were two fisherfolk of the CSBCom.

The opening remarks of Mrs. Jane Soriano speaks of the significance of the library:

Our school is reaching another milestone in its pursuit to educational development through this project.  We look at this event, the inauguration or launching, and blessing and turnover of this building, as a sure indicator that our school has found its niche as a child-friendly and education-oriented municipality.

Our administration has high regard on education because we believe that school education represents the element of societal transformation that leads to empowered youth and economic stability.

Enhanced knowledge and skills gained through education are considered as keys that will break the cycle of poverty; thus, providing opportunities and venues for people to lead a better quality of life.

After this ceremony, we expect to provide our students a conducive space for them to learn.  With this, we hope that the faculty and staff of this school will extend their hand as stewards that will pilot in the maintenance and safeguarding of the property to maximize its full potential and utilization facility.

We hope that the facility will serve as instrument that will encourage our students in the community to attend school, for them to develop competencies that they can use in the near future to  progress not only for themselves but for their respective families and communities.  I believe that the “youth are the Hope of our Land.”  They deserve this facility; this is for them.

So, my dear friends, visitors from Korea, ladies and gentlemen, maabig a buklas (Bolinao), naimbag nga bigat (Ilocano), magandang umaga (Filipino), jumusyeosseoyo (Korea) and  good morning (English).

Our Korean Donors – Ms. Seol Jiye, Ms. Jung Siena, Mr. Lee Changmin and Mr. Jung Yunghyun.


Mrs. Jane Soriano
Head Teacher
November 23, 2015


Response of Ms. Jiye during the inauguration of the Beautiful Library in Victory, Bolinao, Pangasinan on November 23, 2015

Thank you for warmly welcoming us.   I’m very pleased to meet you all.

We are from the Beautiful Store Foundation which is a social enterprise in Korea.  The Beautiful Store runs charity shops for recycling.

With the profit generated in this process, we share to programs in Korea and other Asian countries.

One of the important values of Beautiful Store Foundation is participation. Citizens can participate in various activities of the Beautiful Store Foundation in many ways such as donating their stuffs or volunteering. With participation of the citizens, Beautiful Store Foundation can be sustainable.

As it is, the Beautiful Library can grow and be sustainable only with participation of people.   Victory Library is your own library and can be a unique library with ideas of people in Bgy. Victory.  Also, we’d like to learn from your community and your library management.

I believe that people in Bgy. Victory can build a wonderful library based on the strong community participation.

I hope the Beautiful Library in Bgy. Victory can be a best model of the beautiful library project.

Thank you.


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