‘Lika na sa ASI

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In an effort to invite more students to enroll in Asian Social Institute, the Academe-Research Department recently launched a promotional campaign dubbed “’Lika na sa ASI”,  in the form of simple bookmarks. Conceptualized by ASI’s Research Director, Prof. Alice B. Acejas, these bookmarks aim to introduce ASI to others by way of sharing snippets of information regarding its philosophy, principles and values which it hopes to instill in each and every individual who would like to earn a graduate degree in the social sciences.

The project had a soft launch on September 13, 2014 (Saturday) at the President’s Office where some ASI section heads, staff and personnel were oriented to its processes and mechanics. The group responded to the challenge almost immediately by procuring from the President’s Office boxes or sets of bookmarks which they intend to distribute to students, friends and guests of the Institute who they hoped would magnify the call of widening the ASIan circle by sharing them, in turn, with their peers.

For those who would like to participate in this endeavor, please get in touch with the ASI Research Office at (+63 2) 523 8265 to 67 local 217 or the President’s Office at (+63 2) 523 8265 to 67 local 212 or 214.




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