Calling All ASI Alumni

A Public Petition Against Corruption


‘Lika na sa ASI

In an effort to invite more students to enroll in Asian Social Institute, the Academe-Research Department recently launched a promotional campaign dubbed “’Lika na sa ASI”,  in the form of simple bookmarks. Conceptualized by ASI’s Research Director, Prof. Alice B. Acejas, these bookmarks aim to introduce ASI to others by way of sharing snippets of information regarding its philosophy, principles and values which it hopes to instill in each and every individual who would like to earn a graduate degree in the social sciences.


Practical Academic Tips

The latest issue of the ASI Practical Academic Tips Newsletter is now out and download requests are now accepted.


More scholarship grants for potential social development leaders/ managers from Asian countries

Don Leonardo di Mauro, Director of Episcopale Conferenze Italiana (ECI), Comitate caritativi interventi per gli Terzo Mondo, received the ASI President, Dr. Mina Ramirez, in his office in Rome in the afternoon of May 5, 2014.  Dr. Ramirez brought along a report of the study residence in ASI of fifteen (15) grantees of the scholarship sponsored by the Italian Bishops Conference (IBC) from June 2013 – March 2014.   The meeting was fruitful since Director Don Leonardo di Mauro allowed ASI, through the RP-CICM Missionaries, Inc., to submit another proposal for another batch of scholars entering June 2015.

Golden Anniversary Books

On the occasion of the Asian Social Institute's celebration of its 50th year (1962-2012), the following three Golden Anniversary publications were launched on October 5, 2012, after the Francis Senden Memorial Lecture at Adamson University Auditorium in San Marcelino.



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